Success Stories

Over a Decade of Proven Results

Liang Mei Mei

“In just 2 months, my income went up by 400%”

I used to believe the mediocre income I was making was the best I could do. The Patterns of Excellence taught me to have faith in myself and my abilities to achieve greater goals. I then challenged myself in public presentations and set a higher sales quota at work. In 2 months, my income went up by 400% and I built the confidence to speak in public!

Liang Mei MeiFormer Assistant Vice President, Offshore Banking Division
Adam Wong

“I wrote my first book and it went on The Sunday Times bestsellers list”

After learning the Patterns of Excellence as a student, I realised that I must take action and responsibility for my feelings and the things I wanted to achieve. So I took massive action and wrote my first book in 2009. It went on the Sunday Times bestsellers list. It totally blew my mind!

Adam WongBestselling Author & Online Entrepreneur
Yumi Kitahama

“I shortened my learning curve and closed 3 deals on my first month”

With Adam’s proven methods, I shortened my learning curve and closed 3 deals on my first month as a recruitment consultant. I was recognised as a top performer immediately and even got headhunted! It was only a few years ago when I was depressed and cried almost every day. Thanks to the Patterns of Excellence, I’m sure more people can transform their lives!

Yumi KitahamaGeneral Manager & Senior Consultant
Ricky Chua

“I overcame my struggles and achieved a Ph.D.”

After learning the Patterns of Excellence, I decided to pursue a Ph.D. It took me a very long time and I struggled with the constant failure. But all the NLP skills I learnt kept me going and I told myself, “OK, this is what I want, I know what’s driving me,” and I just went for it. If there’s a bottleneck in your life that you want to reach your fullest potential, take my word for it — go for the Patterns of Excellence.

Ricky ChuaPolytechnic Lecturer
Lorraine Koh

“I tripled my sales & income and qualified for the Court of the Table”

As a financial consultant, I’d always been able to achieve the Million Dollar Round Table status. However, through the Patterns of Excellence,  I learnt to set a quantum target of tripling my sales and income and qualifying for the prestigious Court of the Table. I achieved this within 2 months!

Lorraine KohFinancial Consultant
Kim Lai

“I managed to get my promotion after applying what I’ve learnt”

I’m an airline pilot and was having a setback in my career upgrade before I met Adam. The Patterns of Excellence had a great impact not just on my professional development, but also on my life as a whole. I have since managed to get my promotion after applying what I’ve learnt. Thank you! May you continue to benefit and touch more lives!

Kim LaiAirline Pilot
Chua Jing Jing & Ng Kar Hoe

“We handle our emotions, communicate better and encourage each other more”

I’ve found a greater purpose in everything I do each day. We also don’t jump to conclusions the way we often did in the past, and we handle our emotions better. We communicate better now based on the language patterns we learnt in POE™, and we encourage each other more. I tell everyone now that I’ve got a brand new husband!

Chua Jing Jing & Ng Kar HoeMarried Couple
Woo Chiat Min

“I went from paralysed, overweight and mentally slow to confident, healthy and wonderful”

I was in coma for 21 days. After my stroke, I could not talk or walk and had to go through rehabilitation. For 3 years, I was paralysed, my IQ dipped from 140 to 70 and I put on a lot of weight. The Patterns of Excellence helped me turn my health around and change my self-image from someone who is down and useless to someone who is confident and wonderful.

Woo Chiat MinPharmacist & Nutritionist

This Life Transformational Programme Is Helping Thousands Of People Break Through Years Of Limiting Patterns And Achieve Exceptional Results In The Different Areas Of Their Lives. Hear Their Stories!

My Net Worth Was Negative $200,000. Now It Is $500,000.

When I first attended your courses in 2008, my net worth was negative $200,000. I had multiple debts, including those from loan sharks incurred by my dad.

Today, I am completely debt free. My net worth now is $500,000. For someone who used to shoplift for food when he was a kid, it was a huge turnaround! Channel 8 news; Zaobao and Wanbao actually reported my story earlier this year.

Beyond finance, I also found breakthroughs in love and family: finding a girlfriend, and mending relationship with my parents. These were actually more difficult than making money.

Thank you for your teaching in Patterns of Excellence.

Koh Eng Beng
Founder of Happiness Notebook

I Urge You To Never Stop Running POE, It Changes Lives

I’ve made over $1 million in net affiliate commissions from the Internet and the reasons why I was able to succeed, were the mindset strategies you covered in Patterns of Excellence. I’m thankful to POE for opening my eyes to “Law of Attraction”, “The Secret”, vision boards, setting big dreams and boldly going after those dreams.

I urge you to never stop running POE, just for the simple reason that it changes lives.

Yee Shun Jian
Founder & CEO of Affiliate Superstar Bootcamp

Without Adam, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these breakthroughs.

I was able to see a lot more opportunity in my career. In the short span of just one year after POE, I recruited 17 people into my team, which maxed out my score of control. And then within a short span of two years, I was promoted to become a director.

Without Adam, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve these breakthroughs.

Dylan Wong
Financial Services Director

I could connect even better with customers. Even for tough customers, there’s a sweet spot.

Previously, there were times where I feel stuck and don’t really know how to connect properly and deeply with the customers. It’s actually after POE that I learnt so much about the profiles of different kinds of customers, and was able to use the skill sets from POE to connect with different kinds of customers.

I felt a lot more confident to share the kind of solutions we have for our customers and could connect even better with them. Even for tough customers, there’s a sweet spot!

Eric Tan
Vice President
Sales & Business Development

Ended the year with six times the sales revenue than when I started the course in mid-year.

When I attended this course in the middle of the year, my sales were probably only about $20,000. After the course, I can see the significant breakthrough. I ended the year with $130,000 of sales, about six times what I had when I started the course.

Rion Jian
Executive Vice President